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A Bloody Irish Curse (Book #3)

Spring Break is a Blast…When There’s not Blood Everywhere

Oh, the joy of a holiday in Ireland. The rolling green hills, the continuous kettles of tea, the charming cottages with roaring fires, and the blood spurting from the pipes. Wait. What?

Jennifer Hunter is looking to get away for Spring Break, and she figures that visiting her old college roommate and friend, Lexy Craig, in Ireland is a perfect destination. But, from the moment Jennifer steps foot inside her Irish lodgings, which look like a psychedelic candy shop, she’s swept up in a whirlwind of bunnies, ancient tales, and barbaric men who blame her for cursing their village.

And that’s all in the first ten minutes of her arrival.

When Jennifer stumbles upon a bed of blood and a missing body, all eyes turn to her as the suspect. Why? Because she triggered the Tuath Irish Curse, of course. And how exactly did she manage to do that? By touching a bunny.

These hare-raising accusations send Jennifer into a tailspin where she’s determined to break this supposed curse and get on with the relaxing and reminiscing she had planned for this vacation. But that bloody bed and missing body are only the first of many as contestants from the Miss Bunny Beauty Contest not only disappear but also keep leaving Jennifer at the scene of the crime. Talk about NOT having the luck of the Irish.

With a mysteriously handsome groundskeeper offering support, her friend Lexy dead set on fixing Jennifer’s broken relationship with Jake, and an old man roaming the halls on Ambien and telling Jennifer ancient secrets, it’s no wonder that Jennifer goes as mad as a March hare.

She went on Spring Break hoping to get away, but now she’s praying she can survive the curse that will force her to confront her deepest fears and her buried desires.

The Heartless Valentine (Book #2)

The Heartless Valentine is one of the most original murder mysteries I have ever read. There are 2 stories one from the past that meets up with the present. I couldn’t put it down.”

Roses are red; violets are blue; Is a lover from the dead here to kill you? 

Valentine’s Day. 2020. Middlebridge, Wisconsin. When the quick-witted second grade teacher and amateur sleuth, Jennifer Hunter, receives a gift from a secret admirer on Valentine’s Day, she heartily investigates who her cupid could be. When she opens the box, though, she doesn’t find chocolates; she finds a human heart wrapped in red tissue paper. 

And that’s not all. Her admirer has written a note confessing their desire to watch Jennifer die. That’s when Jennifer’s best friend and Middlebridge’s Police Lieutenant, Jake Hollow, steps in. 

Jake and Jennifer put their dynamic duo focus on finding Jennifer’s deranged valentine, and that leads them to the recently deceased body of David Bird IV. He looks like an average dead guy except for one fact — his heart has been removed. Jennifer must investigate this heartless valencrime; otherwise, she fears she’ll be the next victim. Yet, her attempt to protect her own heart leads her to a set of love letters that tell the story of broken hearts from the past.  

Valentine’s Day. 1910. Salem, Massachusetts. Clay Trunkett, a twenty year old hard-working journalist, is scheduled to hang for assaulting a man. His accuser? David Bird II, son of the wealthiest man in Salem. Clay’s true crime? Falling in love with Meghan White, the woman David has his heart set on marrying. 

The love triangle of 1910 holds the clues Jennifer needs to find the heart snatcher of 2020, but with her own crazed valentine delivering threatening messages and bits of heart like they’re candy, Jennifer struggles to piece together this crime of passion from 1910. 

And, Jennifer’s own passions get in the way when she discovers that her best friend, Jake, has a girlfriend — one that he’s been hiding from Jennifer for months. Betrayal runs high as masquerade parties, craft sales, murder mystery dinners, and a strange encounter at the local diner all distract Jennifer from her one mission: To find out who’s making her Valentine’s Day the most horrifyingly heart-filled in history. The problem is, Jennifer’s discoveries may end her friendship with Jake, and that’s a heartbreak she can’t take. 

This clean cozy mystery will keep reader’s hearts pounding as they flip through love letters from the past and the alternating stories of Jennifer Hunter and Clay Trunkett. Jennifer’s down-to-earth and lovable personality plunges into new territory as she must assess her relationship with Jake and the type of love she wants in her life. She goes on crochet benders; she attends parties where she gets to be someone other than herself; and all the time she’s piecing together a crime that makes this Valentine’s Day anything but sweet. 

The Slay of the Santas (Book #1)

#1 Bestseller on Amazon!
“I loved this book. It is full of fast moving suspense, great characters and the storyline kept me guessing. Just wow!! Cannot wait for more!!!”

You better watch out…you better not cry…or you might be the next to die.

It’s Christmas time in the snowy, quaint town of Middlebridge, Wisconsin, and Jennifer Hunter — a sweet, organized second-grade teacher who has a mind for sleuthing — is ready to spend her Christmas break crocheting, baking, and relaxing. But before the school bell can ring for Christmas break, her best friend and Middlebridge’s police Lieutenant, Jake Hollow, shows up in her classroom, but he’s not there to bring a cup of Christmas cheer. There’s a murder in town, and he needs Jennifer’s help solving the crime.

Jennifer soon discovers that not only is the killer targeting retired Santa Clauses, but he’s also staging his victims like scenes from the Charles Dickens novel A CHRISTMAS CAROL. As Jake and Jennifer follow the clues, more questions than answers start to arise: What is this Society of Santas they keep hearing about? Why is the killer leaving behind empty pudding packages at each crime scene? And what in the world does the book A CHRISTMAS CAROL have to do with the victims?

Add to that a tight-lipped orphan boy who’s housing a pack of puppies in one of the victim’s buildings, a quirky book store owner who lies about ever having sold a copy of A CHRISTMAS CAROL and Jennifer’s date with a fellow school teacher that ends in a gingerbread house disaster. In between holiday parties, family obligations, baking, and creating handmade Christmas presents, Jennifer must craft together an investigation that catches the killer and saves the Santa Clauses in town. Otherwise, the night before Christmas might be their last.

This clean, cozy mystery will captivate readers with Jennifer’s amateur sleuthing that entangles her in snow-deep shenanigans, cryptic car chases, and more chocolate pudding than she ever imagined. Readers will fall in love with the quick-witted and craft-loving Jennifer Hunter, who is down-to-earth and has a heart as warm as a crackling fire. The charming friendship between Jennifer and Lieutenant Jake Hollow epitomizes the quaint, familial feel that lives in small towns, especially those sleepy hamlets with snow-capped houses and a love for Christmas. THE SLAY OF THE SANTAS is an exhilarating page-turner with cliffhangers around every corner, and it will bring the joy of the holiday season all year round.

About Kacey Gene

Pretty much how writing and thinking about the holidays makes me feel!

Well, if you haven’t guessed by my Jennifer Hunter Holiday Mysteries, I love all holidays! Something about taking time to bake, to be with family, to play music or make crafts, and to (of course) read a good book that takes you on any adventure you could imagine, makes my soul smile with delight. Maybe it’s because I was raised in a small town that’s officially named the “Pumpkin Capital of the World,” or maybe it’s because in that small town people would take time to teach crafts like crocheting, candle-making, and baking the best pumpkin pie you can ever dream of. Either way, those small-town-home-town roots have stayed with me.

Even when I left for the city, and then for Europe, and then for Asia, and then for South America, I always found myself thinking back to those days of home and comfort. And that’s why I read books that return me to places and times when people helped one another and saw their neighbor as their friend. And even though I’ve landed in the Deep South, where everyday when I walk down the street there are smiles and “good mornings” exchanged, that small-town life is always folded up and tucked close to my heart. Yet, it unfolds and comes alive in my books, which I know will spark your adventurous, intelligent minds while keeping you as cozy as can be.

Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming books in the Jennifer Hunter Holiday Mystery series.