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Pumpkin Sypce (Book #5)

Pumpkin Festival has Arrived in Middlebridge, Wisconsin but so has the Man in Black.

Middlebridge’s beloved pumpkin jewel is missing and Jennifer Hunter’s loathed enemy, Ronin Wise, is back in town for the Pumpkin Festival. Jennifer, our favorite cozy-crafting amateur sleuth, sees an opportunity to take down her tormentor and save the fall festivities. Can she solve the case so everyone can live apple-y ever after?

Red, White, and Boo (Book #4)

“I really enjoyed the charters. good plot, great read.” — Charlene

Sparklers? Check! Bug Spray? Check! Grumpy Cat Possibly Possessed by a Civil War Ghost? What?! 

The all-things-cozy amateur sleuth, Jennifer Hunter is ready for summer, until a message from her estranged father arrives. Landing in New Orleans, L.A., she unravels ghost stories, the death of General R.P. Regaurde, and the mystery of her father’s disappearance.

A Bloody Irish Curse (Book #3)

“This is a fast paced, fun quirky story that’s hard to put down.” — Katz

Spring Break is a Blast…When There’s not Blood Everywhere

Jennifer Hunter wants to get away for Easter Break, and Ireland is the perfect destination. When she stumbles upon a bed of blood, all eyes turn to her as the suspect for triggering the Tuath Irish Curse. She went on Spring Break to relax, but now she wants to survive the curse that will force her to confront her deepest fears and buried desires.

The Heartless Valentine (Book #2)

The Heartless Valentine is one of the most original murder mysteries I have ever read. There are 2 stories one from the past that meets up with the present. I couldn’t put it down.”

Roses are red; violets are blue; Is a lover from the dead here to kill you? 

Valentine’s Day. 2020. Middlebridge, Wisconsin. When the quick-witted second grade teacher and amateur sleuth, Jennifer Hunter, receives a gift from a secret admirer on Valentine’s Day, she heartily investigates who her cupid could be. When she opens the box, though, she doesn’t find chocolates; she finds a human heart wrapped in red tissue paper. 

And that’s not all. This mystery dates back to separated lovers from 1910.

The Slay of the Santas (Book #1)

#1 Bestseller on Amazon!
“I loved this book. It is full of fast moving suspense, great characters and the storyline kept me guessing. Just wow!! Cannot wait for more!!!”

You better watch out…you better not cry…or you might be the next to die.

It’s Christmas time in the quaint town of Middlebridge, Wisconsin. Jennifer Hunter — a sweet, organized second-grade teacher who has a mind for sleuthing — is ready to spend her Christmas break crocheting, baking, and relaxing. But when retired Santas start showing up dead, Jennifer must craft together an investigation that catches the killer and saves the Santa Clauses in town. Otherwise, the night before Christmas might be their last.

About Kacey Gene

Pretty much how writing and thinking about the holidays makes me feel!

Well, if you haven’t guessed by my Jennifer Hunter Holiday Mysteries, I love all holidays! Something about taking time to bake, to be with family, to play music or make crafts, and to (of course) read a good book that takes you on any adventure you could imagine, makes my soul smile with delight. Maybe it’s because I was raised in a small town that’s officially named the “Pumpkin Capital of the World,” or maybe it’s because in that small town people would take time to teach crafts like crocheting, candle-making, and baking the best pumpkin pie you can ever dream of. Either way, those small-town-home-town roots have stayed with me.

Even when I left for the city, and then for Europe, and then for Asia, and then for South America, I always found myself thinking back to those days of home and comfort. And that’s why I read books that return me to places and times when people helped one another and saw their neighbor as their friend. And even though I’ve landed in the Deep South, where everyday when I walk down the street there are smiles and “good mornings” exchanged, that small-town life is always folded up and tucked close to my heart. Yet, it unfolds and comes alive in my books, which I know will spark your adventurous, intelligent minds while keeping you as cozy as can be.

Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming books in the Jennifer Hunter Holiday Mystery series.